Join CIS Program

CIS Program a program is a join program between Osaka University and Universitas Indonesia. The program is based on paired activity with Japanese students. Participants will work on assignment and participate in the practical training and follow-up training at Japanese firm as a team together with Japanese students in order to experience manufacturing technology and Japanese culture of Japanese firm and improve communicational skills to achieve the goal through collaborative works with others.

My purpose of applying the CIS Program is to get the experiences in working abroad with somebody who have different background of cultures and education. After joining CIS Program,  I finally realize one of that the most important in dealing with others is the communication.

these are some communication factors :

I feel that communication is important since the first time we (the Indonesian participants) first met at Universitas Indonesia Library. At that time there are some miss communication between ourselves, because it was the first time we met. Previously we only communicate with chat application. After that meeting, I understand the communication is important, that we need to confirm that our massages is can be understand by the receiver.

Language skill : the first time we met at Osaka Library, it’s hard for me to understand the languages or the massage from some person. Some time, my language also don’t understand by them. I think the communication can run smoothly if we can speak English better.

Understand how to received and send the messages: during the first discussion, we speak fast fast in English. We didn’t realize the we have different capability in English. So some person cannot join the discussion because they don’t understand the discussion themes. So after we realize and we speak slower, the discussion become easier to understand by everyone and can involve in the discussion.

Respect others opinion, focus on the problems: some time I argue with Sophie about some issues, at the first time, I felt so difficult to receive this situation. But then, we realize that we are one team, so we need to understand each other and need to focus on the problems.

CIS Program 2019 has change me to be a better person in communication skill, have wider my point of view and make me realize that we are part of Global community. CIS Program also increase my knowledge about manufacturing, welding and power plants. Thank you for accept me for joining the CIS Program, I’m sure the program has change me to be a better person and can be applied in my life in the future.

These are things we do during CIS Program:

  1. Visit all the factory area during factory plant tour
  2. Interview with All level of employee from Managers to small workers, including the technical workers from overseas
  3. Visit the Himeji castle and Kobe city on the weekend
  4. A lot discussion with the teamates (which come from differents background)
  5. final test, presentation in front of the managers and professors from Universitas Indonesia and Osaka University

this are some pictures taken during the CIS Program:


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